Rohit Chauhan


Rohit is a Cannabis Phytocannabinoids Extraction & Analysis Researcher and experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the chemistry of Medicinal plants (Cannabis) & Plant Biotechnology in Europe and India.

He’s a consultant and educator to research institutes, pharma, ayurvedic companies, biotechnology companies, investors, and government and non-government organizations helping them acquire, develop and commercialise innovative ideas in the cannabis industry. Leading Cannabis Research & Development, Business development from identifying new growth opportunities and building joint ventures, Partnering, and commercial collaborations.

He’s a Scientific Collaborator at Ambra Srl, Siena, Italy – (One of the leading cannabis analysis & solventless extraction labs in Europe) and a Lifetime Scientific member of the Italian Society of Medicinal Cannabis which aims of building a network of scientists and researchers involved in cannabis research.

Rohit has a Master's degree in Biodiversity & Environmental Health from the University of Siena, Italy and a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida, India. Rohit has dedicated nearly a decade to the cannabis field and plans to continue working and researching the Cannabis plant and the therapeutic properties of the phytocannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

He’s currently leading a research project on Biodiversity Classification of Indian Landrace Cannabis genetics through modern selection with laboratory analysis for high CBD & THC as well as other secondary cannabinoids for medicinal and industrial purposes & manufacturer of Medicinal cannabis products, Hemp-based cosmetics, Hemp seed based food, Beverages products, Ayurvedic medicines based on cannabis, cannabis extract, Herbs extract.

Rohit believes in the team's power by sharing and dividing the tasks. The opportunities will be high to add great value to any organization.


Keshav Agarwal


Keshav is a Cannabis Enthusiast. He is a Tea Taster and developer at River Valley Tea Company, Assam, and was a Digital Marketing Head at HP Threads and an alumnus of Lancaster University, UK.

Belonging to a business background – HP Cotton Textile Mills Ltd (DORA GROUP), Keshav has always valued business ethics and ensures that the customer gets the best value and quality service for the time & money they put in.

Our legacy dates back to 1962 when the Dora group was established. The company is renowned for producing premium quality knitted innerwear.

The company then commenced its own spinning cum hand knitting yarn mill in 1984, under H.P. Cotton Textile Mills that offered fine yarns especially 100% cotton knitting, hand knitting & crochet yarns.

Keshav’s Passion for Travel & his business acumen made him invest in the idea of a Travel Start-up – GUAVA TRIPS in 2016 where he Launched Walks and Rides around Delhi under the guidance of Mr. Vijay Goel (former Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Statistic and Implementation in the NDA government. A former Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports) and Mr. Gautam Gambhir (Indian politician and former cricketer)

Keshav has big plans for the firm, reimagining the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living and diversifying its base for people around the globe.

Keshav has dedicated nearly a decade to the cannabis space and plans to continue working and researching the plant and its therapeutic potential of the plant.