All herbal formulations at INCARE LAB find their roots in classical Ayurvedic texts. A team of Cannabis Researchers at our R&D Center review these scholarly texts and shortlist suitable herbs for infusion with cannabis based formulation for further research. INCARE LAB’s phytochemistry team studies the geographical and seasonal variations of the profiles of Cannabis. Phytochemical profiling is established from different seasons and geographical locations to ensure batch-to-batch consistency, good quality, and standardization.

INCARE LAB’s researchers have adopted modern scientific approaches for extraction and purification technology to identify bioactive compounds. This ensures that the herbal preparation is standardized, and the formulation has the required levels of bioactive compounds to elicit the pharmacological response. This technology is being leveraged for innovative treatments of ailments, including cancer pain management, epilepsy, anxiety, sleeping disorder, Ovarian syndrome, Arthritis Pain, Menstrual cramps, Chronic Pain, diabetes, and depression, as well as for specialized products in skin, oral, and hair care categories.

We extract our herbs phytocannabinoids by our Proprietary Solvent-less extraction technology developed by our Founder Mr. Rohit Chauhan (Cannabis Cannabinoids Extraction & Analysis Researcher) is being utilized for the extraction of beneficial phytocannabinoids. This ensures that there are no solvent residues in herbal preparations while delivering safe and efficacious products.