INCARE LAB Leading Cannabis plant science research on Biodiversity classification of the Indian landrace cannabis genetics population through modern selection with laboratory analysis for high CBD & THC as well as other secondary phytocannabinoids for medicinal & industrial purposes.

Research Activities

  • Collection, characterization and conservation of germplasm and field evaluation of accessions and morphological and molecular characterization of collected samples.
  • Study of genomics and geographical distribution of the species with accession level characterization of species using biochemical and molecular markers.
  • Development of improved planting materials, establishment of a well characterized genetically diverse gene bank of selected accessions, development of HPLC methods for phyto-constituents (preferable the bio-actives/marker compounds) and validation of these methods.
  • Standardization of agro-technology, agro-economics and exploring the scope of including these species in cropping system in the form of intercrop, boundary rope mixed crop and agro-forestry.
  • Bioactivity guided fractionation studies.
  • Varietal development and identification of substitutes/adulterants of said medicinal plants using pharmacognostic, pharmacological and molecular parameters for their inclusion in Pharmacopoeia.
  • Study of phytochemical variations within available genotypes, chemotypes, ecotypes etc., development of post harvest treatments, search for elite quality germplasm and development of quality planting material for mass scale propagation.
  • Collection, compilation, documentation, validation and digitization of published scientific information on various aspects of the medicinal plants species and their AYURVEDA formulations and preparations of comprehensive monographs thereof.
  • Establishment of quality standards in respect of norms related to toxicity and heavy metal content to increase acceptability of botanical in the International market.
  • Traceability of raw drugs of medicinal plants species from harvest to consumption level.